Tuesday, 3 July 2012

LCC Images Thump the message home!

Some brilliant photoshop images of how our roads would appear if they were treated with the same lack of respect that the powers that be treat our cycle paths.
London Cycling Campaign

Friday, 8 June 2012

A Monster is Created

Through a series of happy accidents, we've created Monster Bike Events with Cycle Circle. 
It all started when we discovered that Oxford Cycling Co-operative were selling their seven seater "conference bike" through Going Going Bike back in March.
Once we'd bought that, we needed something to transport it in. At 6 feet 6 inches wide, there was nothing standard available to fit the bike. We eventually found on eBay an old Decontamination Unit (back in Oxford!), minus showers, that was 7 feet wide.  We then realised that this rather large box trailer would make a perfect mobile workshop. 
In the meantime, the test run of the seven seater bike went well except the pupils at the Abbey School Autism Unit in Faversham felt the name was a bit boring, so they renamed it The Monster Bike. We liked it so it's stuck! 
Consequently, over the last few weeks the Decontamination Unit has been transformed into Monster Bike transportation and the Bike Lab. 
A sneak preview of the Monster Bike Events branding
Adding to these the Cycle Circus, a collection of  weird and wonderful machines that include Clown bikes, Gliders (sort of unicycles with trainer wheels) Cyco Cycles (words fail me... its a sort of fixed wheel trike you steer with your body...) and our famous rollers and obstacle courses. As well as our fleet of test ride bikes. 
You've got the ingredients for Monster Bike Events. 
Monster Bike Events will have it's inaugural outing next Wednesday, 13 June 2012, at The Gulbenkian on the University of Kent Canterbury Campus.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ian Wilson, cycling Sapper

Sad news over the weekend, Ian Wilson a local cyclist and keen fund raiser for Help for Heroes collapsed on his way back from his latest fund raising ride and died a few days later.
Ian started his charity rides four years ago, not long after Help for Heroes was founded. He was hooked and trained regularly and kept riding for Help for Heroes. Even through a couple of hip replacements! He found a great training route between his and Jenny's two "Barley Mow" shops in Hythe and Faversham.
This year Ian teamed up with some "maturer" colleagues to form Team Sapper.

They rode the The Big Battlefield Bike Ride with a rickshaw. Sadly, on their return, whilst cycling with the rickshaw from Dover, Ian had a heart attack. The best efforts of Team members and the medical services got him to hospital but, sadly, in the early hours of Thursday morning Ian passed away.
We've lost a good man.

Please help Team Sapper reach their Big Battlefield Bike Ride fund raising goal:

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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Get Those A2 Cycling Signs Down!

Yesterday afternoon KOS Media announced that the Highways Agency were to replace 121 signs on the A2 from Brenley Corner (Junction 7 of the M2) to Dover, next week.
This was quite a surprise.
It's not been flagged up anywhere before and there's nothing on the agency's website.
Why is this important?
When the A2 was modernised, I think some 30 years ago, some bright spark thought it would be a good idea to direct cyclists on to it.
This is a primary dual carriageway.
Effectively a motorway without the advantage of a hard shoulder.
The last place any cyclist should be riding is a quasi motorway.
But the signs are there and many unwary cyclists are led into danger.
There have been deaths.
There have been serious injuries.
But the signs are still there.
The thing is, that since those signs were installed on the modernised A2, a comprehensive network of good alternative cycle routes has been developed with the help of Spokes East Kent Cycle Campaign and Sustrans.
In fact, one of the catalysts for the creation of Spokes was the death of a young cyclist on the A2 back in the early 90s. This led to the surveying and eventual development of Regional Route 16, which runs parallel to the modern A2.
Consequently, cycling on the A2 is completely unnecessary.

So, Highways Agency, lets get those cycling signs down next week.

Oh, and Highways Agency, it would be nice if you could at least acknowledge our emails...
You do work for us you know!